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Notice on the Selection of Students for “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships” Program

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In order to strengthen dialogue, exchange ideas and enhance friendship between Chinese and foreign youth, deepen their understanding of China, cultivate future young leaders and promote the building of a human community of with a shared future, the China Education Association for International Exchange has launched “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships”. Nanjing Agricultural University(NAU) was selected as the project university for the project “Digital technologies: Empowering agricultural supply chains in the context of COVID-19”. According to the arrangement of the project, the university has decided to carry out the selection of students participating in the program. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Ⅰ. Project objective

“Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships” aims to provide a diverse platform for global youth to showcase and exchange ideas, to promote understanding of China and enhance interaction and understanding among young people from all over the world, and to nurture future leaders who will contribute to world friendship, peace and sustainable development.

Ⅱ. Arrangement

1. With the theme of “Digital China and Sustainable Development” in 2022, the project explores the positive role of digital technology in promoting the sustainable development of China and human society, and selects outstanding youth to explore the path of sustainable development through written and visual documentation.

2. The program consists of two parts: an intensive study and a visit. The intensive study is about Chinese politics, economy and culture, and other Chinese topics. A seven-day visit will be paid to Nanjing and Wuxi. Students will document the content and results of their visits in the forms of pictures, videos and vlogs.

3. Based on the theme, our university will organize Chinese and foreign students to complete relevant activities under the guidance of their instructors. The outstanding students will be invited to participate in a central presentation and wrap-up event in the summer.

Ⅲ. Project outcome

1. Team report of more than 2,000 words (submit a Chinese version and an English version respectively)

2. A personal summary for every participant (in any language, texts filled with pictures is allowed)

3. Photo album of survey records (submit e-album)

4. Vlog in series (record visits or interviews)

5. A copy of the summary video/documentary (5-10 minutes) and a copy of the original film.

Ⅳ. Requirements of participants

NAU will select outstanding students from China and abroad to participate in the event. The selected students will participate in groups of four, with one instructor per group, in accordance with the ratio of 1:1 between Chinese and foreign students. A total of 24 outstanding young students (excluding doctoral students) will be selected, including 12 foreign students and 12 Chinese students (half undergraduate and half master’s students). The specific requirements of students are listed as follows:

1. Students of good moral character, physically and mentally healthy with no illegal or disciplinary record.

2. Undergraduate and postgraduate students with normal student status and excellent academic performance.

3. Students with strong leadership, teamwork spirit and research skills, and good English expression and writing skills.

4. Students who have a keen interest in the subject of the activity and are willing to share their views with others.

Ⅳ. Application Deadline

Students who are interested in participating in the program should fill in the application form for “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships” (Attachment 2) and send it to the email address before May 22th. After receiving the materials, 24 students will be selected in the participant list for the event. These 24 students will undergo another round of selection by experts and eventually 8 students (4 Chinese students and 4 foreign students) will be selected and reported to the China Education Association for International Exchange to participate in the event at the national level, while the rest of the 24 students on the list will participate in the event organized by the university. In a word, all selected students will complete the activities according to the planned schedule (see Attachment 3).

Contact: Cheng Weihua

Tele: 025-84399117

E-mail: whcheng@njau.edu.cn


1. A brief introduction of “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships”

2. Application form of “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships”

3. Schedule of “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships”


                                                                 College of International Education        College of Economics and Management

                                                                                                     May 18, 2022

  Attachment 1. A brief introduction of Zhi-Xing China.pdf 

  Attachment2. Application form of “Zhi-Xing China: Global Young Leaders Fellowships” 

  Attachment 3. Schedule of “Zhi-Xing China Global.pdf