About Us

The College of International Education became an independent unit in June of 2015. It is a specialized unit responsible for education of international students, international training and exchange of students crossing borders.

Since establishment, more than 9000 long-term and short-term international students have been educated in NAU, including 1023 degree students(139 undergraduate students, 362 master's students and 522 doctoral students). Education of international students has demonstrated a prominent feature in diversity of origin of number of countries, in all types, at high level, in stable development in scale and quality.  

The College has been actively implementing the strategy of internationalization with open education to the target the goal of the "world class agricultural university". Exchange links have been established with a group of high-level overseas universities such as the University of California Davis, the USA; Chiba University, Japan; Seoul University, South Korea for all types of short and long term student exchange programs. Every year there are hundreds of students traveling overseas for exchange programs. The atmosphere of "study abroad" on campus is becoming increasingly strong, and more and more students who are interested in further study come and realize their dreams at Nanjing Agricultural University.

The College has strengthened links with Kenya, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Kazakhstan on the way of the “belt and road” project and on the “silk road”, taking the "Confucius Institute", the “education aid base” and the “China - Asean Education Training Center” as the platform with a focus on talents cultivation, cultural and educational exchanges and so on with local agricultural colleges and scientific research institutes. In December of 2017, the work of the Confucius Institute operated by our university was confirmed by leaders of the State Council at the National Confucius Institute Working Symposium.