Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at Egerton University, Kenya was approved and established in July of 2012, with joint development and operation by Nanjing Agricultural University and Egerton University as the first Confucius Institute with agricultural characteristics of the world. Since its establishment, the Confucius Institute at Egerton University has carried out a great deal of tasks in Chinese language teaching, cultural promotion and agricultural vocational and technical training, and its influence in local society has been strengthened constantly.

The Confucius Institute at Egerton University is composed of seven teaching stations, including the Nakuru Campus, the Crimea Middle School, the Crimea Elementary School, the Egerton Elementary Schools, the Lion Elementary School, the Rose Elementary School and the Egerton University Kindergarten where all over the year activities and events have been conducted as of 108 classes of Chinese teaching, the Spring Festival party, student summer camp, the cultural performance tour, Egerton University culture week, 33 cultural activities with the theme of Chinese teaching and learning.

Taking the Confucius Institute as a platform for extension, our university has actively dispatched agricultural experts and professors to station for long-term at the Institute in a vigorous effort to strengthen communication in language and culture and the extension of agricultural technology. As our contribution, we went further to rural areas in Kenya in extension of economic crops suitable for local natural conditions, of farming technology and method of resistance to disease in order to reduce and eliminate the food security and poverty in Kenya. In 2014, our university established the "China-Kenya Agricultural Demonstration Park" at Egerton University with our own funds. In 2016, the China-Kenya Joint Laboratory for Molecular Biology of Crops, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and undertaken by our university, went into operation at Egerton University in Kenya.