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FAQ for Current Students

Q: I need to suspend/resume my study, how I can do it?

A: Please check the university regulations on suspending/resuming study and follow procedures shown in the “Students Status Management”.

Q: I just arrive at school and do not have a bank card, how I can get the scholarship stipend?

A: Please contact Ms Wang of College of International Education for scholarship affairs.

Q: Can international students change majors/supervisors?

A: In principle, international students admitted to NAU are not allowed for changing majors or supervisors. Students who need to change their majors/supervisors for special reasons can submit application according to the specific regulations of NAU within the specified time. After reviewed by College of International Education, the application will be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office of undergraduate students and Graduate School for approval.

Q: Do international students have to register every semester?

A: Yes. Each student should register in the College of International Education at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters according to the registration time stipulated in the university calendar. Those who cannot register as scheduled should apply for leave in advance. Those who do not apply for leave or fail to register 2 weeks after the deadline will be treated as automatic withdrawal.

Q: Will the university buy insurance for me?

A: International students studying in China must have medical insurance. Full scholarship students can freely enjoy comprehensive insurance for foreign students during the scholarship period. International students without a full scholarship must buy insurance in time (Refer to Insurance section). For details of insurance in China, please refer to http://www.lxbx.net/.

Q: I cannot attend class due to certain issues. Do I need to go through any formalities?

A: Yes, you need to apply for leave. International students who are unable to attend the courses and activities prescribed by the university due to illness or other reasons should go through formalities of applying for leave in advance. Please consult the teacher in College of International Education for specific procedures. Those who does finish formalities before leave will be treated as truancy. Students who are absent from classes shall be given critical education or disciplinary sanctions according to the seriousness of the case.

Q: I want to move out and live off-campus. How do I apply?

A: International students who really need to live off campus must sign a rental contract with the landlord with the consent of the College of International Education. Please consult the international student counselor for specific requirements.

Q: Some students' family members want to come for visit. Can College of International Education provide invitation letters?

A: The family members are invited by the students themselves, not by the school, and the school has no right to provide invitation letters. However, College of International Education can provide the relevant certification materials for students if requested.

Q: Do international students need to inform the relevant teachers of College of International Education if their passport, mobile phone number, accommodation address, email, bank account and other information is changed?

A: Yes. International students should inform the latest information of their passport, mobile phone number, accommodation address, email address and other relevant important information to Room 419 North Admin Building of College of International Education immediately (within 24 hours is recommended).

Q: How to find the training programs of undergraduate students?

A: Please visit Academic Affairs Office (AAO):https://aao.njau.edu.cn/info/1221/3519.htm