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Notice on Full Scholarship Students’ Annual Review and Applications of Extending the Chinese Government Scholarship Period for PhD Students

Author:    Date:  April 14, 2022  Read:

According to the requirement of China Scholarship Council, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) Management Regulations for Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review, Management Regulations for Nanjing Agricultural University International Student Scholarship and other relative regulations, all the CSC scholarship students and other full-scholarship students who will continue their study in the 2022-2023 academic year shall attend annual review of the Scholarship status. For those who don’t finish the annual review as required, the scholarship will be canceled. Please pay attention to the followings:


  1. The Scholarship Annual Review/Scholarship Extension Application is for

1.  Full scholarship students (CSC Full/Partial Scholarship, China-Africa 20+20 Full Scholarship, Jiangsu Talent Selection Program (TSP) Full Scholarship, Jiangsu Provincial Government Full Scholarship, University Full Scholarship etc.) who will continue their study at NAU in the 2022-2023 academic year (From September, 2022 to July, 2023)

2.  According to the study period stipulated in the Admission Notice, some CSC scholarship students in PhD programs who are expected to graduate in July, 2022 but cannot graduate in time due to special reasons and would like to extend the scholarship.

  1. Steps for Annual Review/ Scholarship Extension Application

1. Students need to download Form for Annual Review of NAU Full Scholarship Status (Non-CSC) (For Chinese Government Scholarship students, please refer to the attachment1 and submit self-assessment documents in the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System) and fill it out with your performance within the 2021-2022 Academic Year.  For PhD students who requires to extend the scholarship, please also fill in Application for Extension of Scholarship for Chinese Government Scholarship Students.

2. According to the international student training standards and requirements of the academic college, in combination with the grading criteria, the student’s undergraduate class teacher or postgraduate supervisor and the student’s academic college need to evaluate each student comprehensively(With a quantitative score and specific and clear qualitative evaluation opinions) based on the self-assessment documents provided by the student and complete the Form for Annual Review of NAU Full Scholarship Status (Non-CSC),. or log in the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System to fill in the relevant content (After completion of the self-assessment, please contact the undergraduate class teacher and the graduate supervisor and make sure they fill in online evaluation in time, refer to attachment 2 for teachers’ operation guidance). Form for Colleges and Universities for Chinese Government Scholarship Extension for scholarship extension applications. For the PhD student who applies for extending the scholarship, they shall also specify whether approves the extension application or not and the approved extension period.

3.   Hand in the completed Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship StatusNon-CSCand related materialsPhD students who applies for extension shall provide the completed Application for Extension of Scholarship for Chinese Government Scholarship students and Form for Colleges and Universities for Chinese Government Scholarship Extension to D410-2 in North Administrative Building. Chinese Government Scholarship students are required to complete self-assessment through online system, no need for submission of any paper materials.  

  1. Supporting Documents Required for Annual Review

Students who need to participate in the annual review are required to submit the hardcopies of the following supporting documents

No.1.  List of Supporting Materials for Scholarship Annual Review(Student Self-Assessment)

No.2.  The complete academic transcript during 2021-2022 Academic Year;

No.3.  Scanned copy of HSK certificate obtained during the study period (if any);

No.4   Other supporting materials (please provide photocopy):

1) Certificate for paper publication and retrieval, paper acceptance notification (other documents are not accepted as supporting materials) or proof of participation in the publication of book chapters during 2021-2022Academic Year;

2) Certificate for national and provincial award or patent;

3) Certificate for other kind of awards;

4) Participation for university events / social practices in China (photos, certificates etc.).

Special Reminder: Chinese Government Scholarship students only need to submit annual review online. For other types of students, submit review documents in hard copies.

Deadline for submitting all documents: 17:00 p.m. April 25, 2022.


1. From this year, the Chinese government scholarship students must complete annual review in Chinese Government Scholarship Information System, as system opens in limited time, please arrange time properly and carefully prepare self-evaluation of related materials, and have a good communication with undergraduate class teacher or postgraduate supervisor, to ensure timely submission in accordance with the requirements. Those who fail to submit within the prescribed deadline shall bear the consequences.  

2.Since last year, NAU has adopted a more detailed evaluation system for annual review, and undergraduate class teachers or postgraduate supervisors will review and give score to each student based on the supporting materials provided. Those who do not meet the standard will fail in the scholarship annual review. Please pay attention to this work and be sure prepare and submit in all the materials as required.

3.Students who have approved to extend their scholarship for one academic year are not allowed to apply again.

4. Students who are currently on study suspension will not participate in the annual review.

5. Before applying for scholarship extension, the applicant must pass the annual review of the scholarship, complete the dissertation proposal, and pass the mid-term assessment/ evaluation (or meet the training requirements stipulated by the college). As this year CSC annual review will be conducted online, and university need to submit the name of students who need to participate in the annual review firstly in the system. Therefore, please contact the College of International Education first to confirm your eligibility for extension. For those who satisfies the conditions, the PhD student who applies for extension will need to submit annual review online while providing extension materials including: 1). The certification for passing the dissertation proposal. 2).  Mid-term evaluation result. 3). Dissertation research progress report. 4). Research plan for the extended period. The supervisor needs to specify the extension period (half a year/ one year) and applicant’s main research tasks during the extended period in the Form for Colleges and Universities for Chinese Government Scholarship Extension. If the application materials do not meet the requirements, the application will not be accepted.

6.The final result of the extension/annual review shall be subject to the feedback issued by China Scholarship Council.


Contact: Ms Wang

E-mail: wys@njau.edu.cn

Tel: 025-84399571

Office: D410-2 in North Administrative Building

College of International Education




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