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Notice of National Day Holiday Arrangement in 2019

Author: Rui Xiangwei   Date:  September 26, 2019  Read:

To all the International Students:

According to the spirit of the school notice and in order to improve the safety awareness of international students and arrange their study and life during the festival as soon as possible, notice on matters related to the National Day holiday of 2019 is as follows:

1.Time of vacation: From October 1 to October 7

2.Holiday arrangement: Please fill in the attached form of your own information and send it to our volunteers before 5 pm of September 26, students who plan to leave Nanjing, please also send your leaving form (with your supervisor/counsellor sign and college stamp, see attach file 1 and 2)

Students who live in Dorm 1, building 23, building 24, please send your fileto CHERUIYOT ANTONY KIBET, telephone number:18852088690, email:2017201094@njau.edu.cn ;

Students who live in Dorm 2 please send your file to CHERONO BENEDATE, telephone:15298383244, email:2018109080@njau.edu.cn;

Students who live in Dorm 3 and off-campus please send your file to MBAO EVANCE,telephone:18805153418,email:2017202060@njau.edu.cn .

3.Friendly reminder: please take care of yourself and your personal belongings, and be careful of fraud during the vacation. Check the doors, windows, water and electricity of the dormitory before leaving the dorm.

PS: please feel free to contact the office and the teachers when you are in trouble.

Office Tel: 84399117 Mr. Rui: 13776697572 Ms. Cheng: 13776416597

Police: 110; Fire: 119; First Aid: 120

Thank you for your cooperation, I wish you all a safe and happy civilized holiday!

College of International Education

24 September, 2019



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