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Notice on Tighten Security During Summer Vacation 2019

Author:    Date:  July 12, 2019  Read:

To all the International Students:

Summer Vacation is fromJuly 12, 2019 to August 30, 2019.

You should hand in your leaving form to the International Students Office D419before July 12at work time (9:00-12:00 a.m. and 2:00-5:00 p.m.) if planning to go home or traveling somewhere.

1) Visa Affairs:The International students whose resident permits/Visa will expire in the holiday are expected to get the letters for extension from the College of International Educationbefore July 12 2019. During the summer vacation, resident permits/Visa extension application will not be accepted by the International Students Office. Students will bear for any consequences caused therefore.

2) On-Campus:Be careful of experiment safety, and please follow the regulations of the respective laboratory. Pay attention to the safety of using electrical appliances in laboratories and study rooms.

Do not believe in stranger and open links that they gave in WeChat, be careful of WeChat fraud.

The university respects the ethnic customs and religious beliefs of international students, but does not provide venues for religious activities. Students are forbidden to do missionary work or hold religious assemblies in campus.

Students shall not take cannabis opium, morphine or other drugs, or help with drug dealing.

In China, driving a motor vehicle without a Chinese driver’s license or driving an unlicensed motor vehicle is forbidden. While driving the electric bicycles (non-power driven vehicles), international students should drive safely and abide by relevant laws and rules.

3)Dormitory:Please charge your dormitory electricity before the summer holiday, the Electricity Center (contact number: 84395829,84396414) will not open during the holiday. Be careful not to overload electrical outlets, check if the dormitory water and electricity is turned off when you go out to prevent accidents. Do not pull the wires privately, especially do not use the kitchen socket to pull the wires to charge the battery car. Do not play music loud in your room, control the volume of the music so that it will not disturb your neighbor. Keep all the doors locked at night and every time you leave your apartment. Turn off all the electric appliances before leaving the dorm, it is specially reminded that turn your terminal plate power off and do not put it on your bed when you leave your room.

Keep the kitchen clean. Rubbish piled up in the aisle is forbidden. Dump the rubbish outside the door in time. Keep the door and window of the kitchen open to let in fresh air. And keep an eye on the gas lest gas leakage incurs the explosion。Do not use the stair rail to dry your clothes. Please use your balcony to dry your clothes.

Please follow the accommodation regulations. Any student who causes a fire, electrical disasters, safety accidents, the university and the police have the right to pursue one’s responsibility and the relevant punishment can be up to school expulsion and deportation.

4)Travel:In order to keep all our international students well-informed of the risk of traveling outside, improve their abilities of self-discipline and resisting the risk and eliminate hidden risks, we suggest that students need to take care of your personal and property safety and don’t leave your belongings unattended in public spaces. When you travel, leave expensive clothes and jewelry at home. If you look wealthy, you invite thieves and fraud. Stay in physical contact with your bags unless they are locked in your room.

Check your major documents(passport, campus card, bank card etc.)and keep them in a separate part of your luggage. And it is best, before you leave, to make photocopies of your passport and visas. If your passport is lost or stolen, these copies can help you get it replaced faster.

Traveling with companions is suggested. Do not go to unfamiliar or potentially risky places. Do not stay out for any activity after 11:00 p.m. at night.

PS: please feel free to contact the office and the teachers when you are in trouble.

Police: 110; Fire: 119; First Aid: 120

Office Tel: 84399117 Mr. Rui: 13776697572 Ms. Cheng: 13776416597

Have a nice holiday!

                                                                 College of International Education

                                                                 8thJuly, 2019