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Notice for Arrangement of Labor Day Holiday in 2019

Author: Rui Xiangwei   Date:  April 28, 2019  Read:

Notice for Arrangement of Labor Day Holiday in 2019

This is to inform that May 1-4 will be a four-day holiday. Classes will be held on April 28 (Sunday) and May 5 (Sunday), according to the teaching arrangements of May 2 (Thursday), May 3 (Friday). The International Students Office at NAU will also be closed due to Labor Day Holiday fromMay 1 to May 4, 2019.

For all the international students, please take care of yourself and your personal belongings, be careful of fraud. Students who plan to leave the university, please report to the International Students Office and hand in the leaving registration form before April 30, and check the doors, windows, water and electricity of the dormitory before leaving. Students who will stay in dormitory, please abide the following rules:

1. Do not spend nights outside.

2. Avoid alcohol and avoid being involved into fights. Also, illegal gatherings and “uncivilized” activities are forbidden.

During that period if anyone gets an emergent problem which need to be solved can contact our volunteers directly on the following number:

International student volunteer:

Yassin Abdulrahim, contact: 18851173735, Dorm 2, room 802.

Ali Haider, contact: 15722920500, Dorm 3, room 207

Cheruiyot Antony Kibet, contact: 18852088690, Dorm 1, room A302

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Wish you all a nice holiday.

College of International Education

April 26, 2019