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Notification of CSC Distinguished International Students

Author:    Date:  October 10, 2019  Read:

CSC Distinguished International Students is now open for application. Chinese government scholarship degree program students who are in their 2ndyear or above can apply. NAU can recommend 3 candidates for this year.

1. Awarding Standard

Certificates of honor are available.

2. Requirement

a. Friendly attitude towards China with good behavior in China.

b. Observing law and discipline,physical and psychological healthanddevelopment in an all-around way.

c. Excellent study results with great learning and research ability.

d. Positive in university and college organized activities.

3. Procedure

a. University Public Review and Recommendation

b. CSC Review and Apprise

c. Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, MOE Double Check and Determine

d. Result Announcement


4. Application documents/materials requirement

The candidates are expected to fill out the application online and submit the hard copy application documents to International Office (D419, North wing of Administrative Building).

(1) Apply Online

The candidates should submit on website (http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn)

*Choose “C” in留学项目种类

*Write “10307” for受理机构编号

*Write2019.9.1-2020.7.15in “Period of study”

(2) Hard copy application documents

The candidates should submit the following hard copy documents:

a. The candidates should fill out the application form of Chinese Government Scholarship (please download from CSC website).

b. Studying certificate (provided by COIE).

c. The academic transcript in the study of 2018-2019 academic year.

d. The recommendation letter (provided by COIE).

e. My story of study in China with no less than 800 words.

f. Other supporting materials.

1) Certificate for paper publish or acceptance

2) Certificate for national and provincial award or patent

3) Certificate for International student’s Committee membership

4) Other awarding

Contacts:Miss Cheng Weihua Tel:025-84399117 E-mail:whcheng@njau.edu.cn

College of International Education October 9, 2019