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Our University Passed the Quality Certification of study in China through the Ministry of Education

Author: ChengWeihua   Date:  November 5, 2018  Read:

 On October 18, the “2018 Education Internationalization and Student Mobility Seminar and the Quality Certification of Study in China” was held in Beijing by the China Education Association for International Exchange. At the meeting, the results of the third batch of the quality certification for study in China by the China Education Association for International Exchange were issued, and our university passed the certification. Vice President Yan Xianglin attended the meeting and received the certificate on behalf of our university.


On December 15 of 2017, our university signed the contract to become the third batch of pilot institutions participating in the certification program. After nearly half a year of self-evaluation, submission of materials, expert communication review, on-site inspection and centralized review, Nanjing Agricultural University passed the certification with excellent results.

The China Education Association for International Exchange pointed out in the certification comments that the leaders of our university attached great importance to the education of the study in China, and incorporated it into the overall development plan of the university, with clear development orientation; the university has a clear development plan for international students and strong execution; teaching in English to international students has achieved great development; the university has established a relatively complete scholarship policy system; the Confucius Institute by our university has “agricultural characteristics”. At the same time, it is recommended that our university urgently needs to employ more full-time counselors for international students to guarantee the education of study in China; to further strengthen the team of teachers for study in China, and to further improve the teaching, professional training programs and curriculum development of teaching-in-English courses in order to finalizing the establishment of a complete professional project. It is suggested that the improvement for the supporting facilities and service systems and the management for international students be made; promotion efforts in countries along the “Belt and Road” be strengthened as a special feature; further summarization and consolidation of the achievements and characteristics be conducted, and analysis and response to existing problems and deficiencies be made. Therefore, the connotation and development level of the university's study in China would be enhanced.

The passing of the certification indicated that our university has made gratifying achievements in study in China, and has become an important part of the support to the university in building a world-class agricultural university. At the same time, the university is also more clear about the future development and reform direction, and strive to build a high-quality, high-level and diversified education brand for international students in order to achieve "quality improvement and efficiency gains" in study in China, serving the Party and the nation’s "dual first-class development” and the goal to the "Belt and Road" education action plan.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education proposed in 2015 the “initiation of the development of the quality certification system for study in China”, and in December of that year, it promulgated the “Qualification Index System for Higher Education to Study in China”, which was specifically undertaken by the China Education Association for International Exchange. Through the comprehensive evaluation of the institutional ability and institutional achievements in operation, it focuses on the evaluation of the management and service quality of study in China at universities, and urges the universities to establish the concept of study in China in improvement of the quality of education, and implementation of the Ministry of Education policy of “expansion of scale, optimization of structure, standardization of management, and guarantee the quality” for improvement of the quality of the education for study in China at colleges and universities.