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University Starts the Process of the Quality Certification of Education of International Students

Author:    Date:  September 26, 2018  Read:

On the morning of February 27, the coordination meeting for the quality certification of education of international students at our university was held in the conference room A613 in the administration building, which marked the official launch of the self-assessment for the quality certification of education of international students. Vice President Hu Feng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.  Present were deans of related colleges and directors of departments.  The meeting was chaired by Liu Zhimin, Dean of the College of International Education.

At the meeting, Hu Feng pointed out that all units should fully understand the significance of the quality certification of education of international students in China. According to the requirements of the certification index system, our university should accomplish the process and pass it as well as it will actively promote the internationalization development and the “double first-class” pace of our university. At the same time, we should study and understand the “quality certification index system for education of international students at higher education institutions in China”, and work together to put in place the responsibility of the people. In the self-assessment stage, we will demonstrate the international development, highlight research internationalization and the international cultural exchange. We will also want to "find the gap and the short areas ", put forward the feasible measures for the “promotion of development, of change, of management and of strength" through assessment process, to the world-class university of agriculture goals.

The quality certification of education of international students is a quality guarantee mode under the macro guidance of the government, taking higher education institutions as main body and the peer evaluation as the main form, for the purpose of diagnosis, improvement, development and promotion, focusing on quality guarantee of the sustainable development. Since 2015, the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of Education entrusted the Chinese Education Association for International Exchange to develop the quality certification.  The first batch of 28 institutions and the second batch of 35 all passed the quality certification of education of international students. Our university has been selected as the third batch of the “quality certification for education of international students in China”. The process plans to finish by October of 2018. The results will be published on the websites of government departments, and relevant Chinese embassies and consulates overseas and public media domestic and overseas. It will be of great significance in promotion of the internationalization of universities and the development of a strong country of study in China proposed by the government.