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Notification of 2019 Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students

Author:    Date:  November 20, 2019  Read:

According to the notice from Jiangsu Provincial Government, in 2019 Jiangsu Provincial Government has set up the Distinguished Scholarship for International Students to award on-campus international students who are friendly to China and excel in overall performance. This scholarship is now open for application.

  1. Applicant Eligibility& Scholarship Quota

Undergraduates and postgraduates in degree programs who are studying in the 2nd year or above. In 2019,NJAU can recommend 3 undergraduate candidates, 3 master candidates and 8 PhD candidates.

  1. ScholarshipStandard

The scholarship offers one-time reward: 18,000 CNY per person (undergraduate winners), 30,000 CNY per person (postgraduate winners).

  1. Application Requirement

  1. Have friendly attitude towards China, observe Chinese laws anduniversity regulations, have paid the tuition fee and other required fees, and have no records on against university regulations or Chinese laws during the study period;

  2. Have honesty and trustworthiness, with good moral quality;

  3. Have excellent grades. strong study and scientific research abilities during the study period;

  4. Have outstanding overall performance during the study period, and have actively participated in all kinds of university events and public services;

  5. Under the same conditions, applicants who are self-financed/supported by partial scholarships, or have poor family finance conditions are prior to be considered;

  6. Are not within the duration of a disciplinary punishment;

  7. During the study period, the undergraduate students have obtained a GPA of 2.5 or above, and postgraduate students have obtained a score of 70 or above in every course attended.

  1. Application Documents/Materials Requirement

The candidates are expected to provide the following (No.1-9) documents in softcopy and send toadmission@njau.edu.cn. Pleasealso hand in the hardcopy documents ofNo.2-9to North Admin Building D419.

Materials List:

No.1. Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students Application Form (please submit in Excel format, see attachment 1);

No.2. Passport-size electronic photo;

No.3. Scanned copy of the passport;

No.4. Scanned copy of the Study Certificate;

No.5. The complete academic transcript during the whole study period;

No.6. Scholarship Recommendation Form for Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship (See attachment 2) filled by supervisor (for postgraduate applicants) or counselor (for undergraduate applicants), with the approval signature from the dean of the major college and college stamp;

No.7. Scanned copy of HSK certificate (if any);

No.8. My story of study in China with no less than 800 words;

No.9. Other supporting materials (please provide photocopy):

1) Certificate for paper publication and retrieval, paper acceptance notification (other documents are not accepted as supporting materials) or proof of participation in the publication of book chapters;

2) Certificate for national and provincial award or patent;

3) Certificate for other kind of awards;

4) Participation for university events / social practices in China (photos, certificates etc.).

  1. Selection Procedure

The university will adopt the process of "individual application, college approval, university review and public review" to determine the recommended candidates. The detailed procedure is as follows:

1. The student needs to fill in the Jiangsu Provincial Government Distinguished Scholarship for International Students Application Form and get the recommendation from the major college;

2. The student needs to submit the required documents to College of International Education before 17:00 Dec. 2 (Mon.), 2019;

3. After the initial review, the selected applicants will be organized to attend the public defense (The name list of the selected applicants, time and place of the public defense will be informed with further notice);

4. Based on the result of the public defense and the comments from the expert committee, College of International Education will determine the initially selected candidates who will be posted for public review (for no less than 5 workdays).

Application Deadline: 17:00 Dec. 2 (Mon.), 2019

Contacts:Ms Cheng Weihua,Ms Wang Yingshuang

Tel:025-84399117/84396461 E-mail:admission@njau.edu.cn

College of International Education

Nov. 20, 2019