1.Materials required for registration

Address: International Student Administration Office No. 419,the Northern Administration Building

a. Passport;

b. Original copy of Admission Notice & JW201 or JW 202 visa application form;

c. 2 passport-size photos(write down your name, passport number ,student ID number and date of birth on the back of your photos )

d.2 copies of passport information page (for the use of opening the bank account);

e. Student ID number offered by International Students Office.

2. Temporary registration of accommodation

Noted: you are supposed to finish this matter after arrival of Nanjing within 24 hours.

There are two methods for temporary registration:

A: wechat registration: Follow wechat official account “NJgongan” and enter “微服务”—“出入境”to finish it.(you can get detailed guide from reception window of each dorm)

B: off-line registration: go to Xiaolingwei Police station (Address: Xiaowei Street,NO.222. 小卫街222号孝陵卫派出所)with your Passport and temporary residence form which will be offered by International Students Office or Reception window of each dormitory(Only for students live inside campus)

3. Bank Card Service

Address: Muxuyuan Street NO.60 (南京市苜蓿园大街60号,中国银行梅花山庄支行)


Noted: you have to keep the receipt that the bank will offer you, which is needed when you at Campus Card Office.

4. Campus Card

Address: Room A112,Administration Building( 行政楼A112 校园卡科)


b.Student ID number offered by International Students Office.

c. bank card

d. Receipt from Bank of China

Noted:This step is aim to link your campus card with your bank card, and please come back to the office to register your Bank Card Number.

5.Physical Examination

Address: Chuangzhi Road No.39(南京市创智路39号) .Take Metro Line 2 to get off at Yurun Dajie Station.

You should make an appointment online in advance:

a. passport

b. 2 passport photos

c. less than RMB400.

d. Physical Examination Form offered by hospital

f. No Breakfast, even water.

6.Materials for Residence Extension

Address : Baixia Road No. 173 (白下路173号,南京市出入境管理局)

a. Passport

b. JW 201/ JW 202 visa form

c. Copy of passport

d. RMB 800 for extension (3 years) passport photo (taken within 6 months)

f. Physical Examination Result(must be healthy)

g. Extension Letter offered by International Students Office

h. Temporary residence registration form offered by Local Police Station


a. For students who are not sponsored by CSC, shall buy medical insurance from PING AN INSURANCE COMPANY OF CHINA(800 RMB/year). Online payment: After payment, students can get insurance card from international students office.

b. For students who are sponsored by CSC, can directly get insurance card from office.

There are several ways you can contact us and get notification from us .

1. QQ Communication Platform

Please join us in International postgraduate students QQ group, for all the affairs related to the international students will be posted on this message platform. The Number of postgraduate QQ group:302398288.The Number of undergraduate QQ group:332647351

2. Public Email

The email address: Any requirement, please send it to this email.


Office call: 84399117

For emergency, you can call or send message to whom as follows:

Mr. Rui: 13776697572

Ms Wang: 13851849343

Ms Cheng:13776416597

Counseling Hour of International Students Office:

Mon.--Fri. 9:00-11:00 15:00-16:00

5. International Students Volunteer

1. Pakistan and Asian

Zain: 15150504652,;

Sheeraz Mustafa: 18851171630;;

2. African

Johon-Philippe: 1260870035,

Yassin Abdulrahim: 18851173735,

6.Emergency Call

Police Emergency:110

Fire Emergency: 119

Medical Emergency:120

Phone Inquiry: 114